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Dr. Vaneeta speaking to a group at the front of the room.

Wellness is the Future of Extraordinary Leaders & Workplaces


  • Keynotes

  • Workshops & Skills Training


  • Workplace Wellness Strategies

  • Mental Health Content

  • Clinical Product Development

  • Learning & Development


  • Leaders

  • Academia to Tech Industry

  • Public Speaking

"Vaneeta was an engaging speaker, both for our in-person and virtual events, and participants integrated what they learned immediately. She was a great resource helping us prepare a feedback program for success and ensuring we got our company's product and brand integrated into the program."

- Annette Cardwell, VP of Corporate Marketing

"Vaneeta was instrumental in strategizing workplace mental health initiatives for our company. She understands People leader priorities and goals, and works to curate programs that achieve measurable results. If you're not sure where to start with mental health initiatives at your company, Vaneeta is a go-to resource."

- Marielle Smith, Head of People

"Vaneeta's sessions were instrumental in leveling up our managers' leadership skills as we quickly scaled. We continually brought her back to train different groups as she was able to deliver value to different types of employees across different departments. As a founder and CEO, I trusted her with our teams' growth and to provide feedback to our executive team."

- Derek Steer, CEO &

Co-Founder of Superframe

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