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Keynote & Workshop Topics

Dr. Vaneeta's talks are energetic, highly engaging, and always come with actionable takeaways. As an academic, she loves sharing research findings, but as a practitioner, she makes sure the insights are digestible, too.

Topics Include:

  • Booster Leader Resilience

  • Boosting Team Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

  • Psychological Safety in the Workplace

  • What Happens On the Outside Impacts the Inside: World News and the Workplace

  • Building High Performing Teams

Dr. Vaneeta speaking at the front of a room with her arm up.

Limited Time Workshop for Summer 2024: 
Gold Standard: Transforming Teams with Olympian Insights

Join our 1-hour workshop to gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies for navigating competition and pressure while leveraging teamwork for high performance. Dr. Vaneeta and Patrick will unveil potent perspectives, real-world examples, and research findings, empowering you to build teams that thrive under pressure. 


  • Goal Mastery: Learn how to set personal goals that also propel your team’s success.

  • Resilience Building: Learn techniques to fortify resilience, enabling them to bounce back from setbacks and challenges stronger than ever before.

  • Effective Collaboration: Uncover the secrets to fostering collaboration and synergy within your teams, maximizing connection and innovation.


Elevate your team's performance in just one hour.

Update on scheduling: Please note we are booked for June and are now scheduling into July.

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Watch a highlight from the Feedback Clinic workshop presented at the Culture First Conference in San Francisco, hosted by Culture Amp in 2019.

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