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Keynote & Workshop Topics

Limited spots available remaining for May! (Mental Health Awareness Month)

Dr. Vaneeta's talks are energetic, highly engaging, and always come with actionable takeaways. As an academic, she loves sharing research findings, but as a practitioner, she makes sure the insights are digestible, too.

Topics Include:

  • Boosting Team Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty

  • Psychological Safety in the Workplace

  • What Happens On the Outside Impacts the Insight: World New and the Workplace

  • Building High Performing Teams

Dr. Vaneeta speaking at the front of a room with her arm up.

Limited Time Workshop for Summer 2024: 
Gold Standard: Transforming Teams with Olympian Insights

Join our 1-hour workshop to gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies for navigating competition and pressure while leveraging teamwork for high performance. Dr. Vaneeta and Patrick will unveil potent perspectives, real-world examples, and research findings, empowering you to build teams that thrive under pressure. 


  • Goal Mastery: Learn how to set personal goals that also propel your team’s success.

  • Resilience Building: Learn techniques to fortify resilience, enabling them to bounce back from setbacks and challenges stronger than ever before.

  • Effective Collaboration: Uncover the secrets to fostering collaboration and synergy within your teams, maximizing connection and innovation.


Elevate your team's performance in just one hour.

Update on scheduling: Please note we are booked for May and are now scheduling into June.

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