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Consulting Services

Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being Strategy Consultation

Dr. Vaneeta will help you mobilize for change whether this is a new strategy or one being re-assessed. Services include:

  • Audit current initiatives & resources

  • Data & needs analysis

  • Design & implement wellness program to your organization's specific goals

  • Ongoing evaluation of the strategy & program

  • Inquire for a specific consultation service related to post-layoff environment

Leadership, Learning, & Development Consultation

For organizations creating a learning and development curriculum for leadership from scratch or to review existing learning materials. Services include:

  • Identifying learning needs

  • Articulating learning goals & objectives

  • Integrate experiential and engagement techniques

  • Offer research-backed suggestions & actionable takeaways

  • Training the trainer to deliver content

  • Adjust content to be delivered virtually, effectively

Mental Health Industry Consultation

Specialize in providing comprehensive consultation to early stage companies related to:

  • Product Development: Strategic guidance and hands-on support throughout the product development lifecycle

  • Market Research: In-depth market research to understand consumer behavior, emerging trends, and competitive landscapes to support refining value proposition and go-to-market strategies

  • Networking & Partnerships: Leverage an extensive network within the mental health ecosystem (including healthcare providers, research institutions, digital platforms, and other founders)

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