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Meet Dr. Vaneeta

Clinical Psychologist, Workplace Mental Health Expert, Leadership Development Specialist

When companies want to increase wellness in the workplace and team engagement, Dr. Vaneeta has been a go-to resource for over 10 years now. 


From having worked with over 300 companies and 1,000 leaders across industries, she shares insights, examples, strategies, and tools gathered from hands-on experience and research findings.


Dr. Vaneeta has had the privilege of speaking at events like the NBA Women's Leadership Forum, Alpha Founders' Summit, Women in Product's Annual Conference, and the Professional BusinessWomen of California's Annual Conference.

Vaneeta's work has been featured in major media outlets, including First Round Review, CNBC, Forbes, HuffPost, and Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper. 

Dr. Vaneeta standing in front of a room speaking with people putting their hands up.
Dr. Vaneeta holding a microphone while speaking at the front of a room.

My work is powered by a combination of making academic know-how more accessible, bringing visibility to effective practices and strategies that are often kept behind closed-doors, and playfulness probably driven by '90s pop culture.

Whether you are a new founder needing expert consultation on the mental health market, a company aiming to develop leaders or needing a workplace wellness strategy, Dr. Vaneeta is here to thought-partner with you and share resources.

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